Practitioner in the Writerly Craft

Nolan Yard is a writer who hopes this email website finds you well. His work appears in Foliate Oak, Blood Moon Rising, Aphelion, Points in Case, Defenestration, The Copperfield Review, History and Fiction, Wingless Dreamer, Robot Butt, Little Old Lady, and others.

Under penname Louis Emery he self-published Epic Fantasy novel Cinders on the Wind, https://www.amazon.com/Cinders-Wind-Tapestry-Retha-Book-ebook/dp/B07SBRK81J, chock full of knights, kingdoms, and of course, sorcery. He works at a 176 year old university and is pursuing an MA in Professional Creative Writing at University College, University of Denver.

What can he say? He loves books and the wordy process of making them, complemented by a cup or two (or three) of pecan-flavored coffee.

Publication History:

“The Lone Ranger in a Wheelchair: King’s Silver Bullet Deserves More,” film review, Blood Moon Rising Magazine (forthcoming, Halloween issue, Oct. 2021)

Book Review, The Babysitter: My Summers with a Serial Killer by Jennifer Jordan and Liza Rodman, Mystery and Suspense, June 10th, 2021, https://www.mysteryandsuspense.com/the-babysitter/

“Coff-It-Up!: Your #1 Specialty Coffee Specialists,” satire, Defenestration Magazine (prev. published in The Haven), May 12th, 2021, http://www.defenestrationmag.net/2021/05/coff-it-up-your-1-specialty-coffee-specialists-by-nolan-yard/

“Luxury Destinations in Your House,” satire, Robot Butt (prev. published in The Junction), Apr. 23rd, 2021, https://www.robotbutt.com/2021/04/23/luxury-destinations-in-your-house/

“I’m the Ungraded Final Assignment and I Want You to Know Your Grad Student Has Rabid Anxiety,” satire, The Haven, Apr. 20, 2021, https://medium.com/the-haven/im-the-ungraded-final-assignment-and-i-want-you-to-know-your-grad-student-has-rabid-anxiety-1897aae5bfef

“Columbo Meets a Fashion Critic,” parody, The Junction, Apr. 19th, 2021, https://medium.com/the-junction/columbo-meets-a-fashion-critic-51cf960fe538

“I’m Your Couch and, No Offense, Get Off Me!,” satire, MuddyUm, Apr. 8th, 2021, https://medium.com/muddyum/im-your-couch-and-no-offense-get-your-ass-off-me-ebd7a2d3f063

“Luxury Destinations in Your House,” satire, The Junction, Apr. 6th, 2021, https://medium.com/the-junction/luxury-destinations-in-your-house-d226be8f9823

“Reasons Why Scooby Sucks As a Detective,” parody, Greener Pastures Magazine, Apr. 2nd, 2021, https://medium.com/greener-pastures-magazine/reasons-why-scooby-sucks-as-a-detective-a1c0f260ac55

“What Ethan Saw,” short story, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, issue #82, Mar. 24th, 2021, http://www.bloodmoonrisingmagazine.com/shortstory828.html

“Willy Wonka’s Tax Preparation Services,” parody, MuddyUm, Mar. 20th, 2021, https://medium.com/muddyum/willy-wonkas-tax-preparation-services-1c7f0452540a

“Famous Literary Characters on the Vaccine Rollout,” parody, Robot Butt, Mar. 19th, 2021, https://www.robotbutt.com/2021/03/19/famous-literary-characters-on-the-vaccine-rollout/

“Is That a Dad or Functioning Zombie on Your Porch Cam?” humor piece, Frazzled, Mar. 18th, 2021, https://medium.com/frazzled/is-that-a-dad-or-functioning-zombie-on-your-porch-cam-758558c2a247

“What I’m (Not) Watching This Weekend,” satire, The Junction, Mar. 11th, 2021, https://medium.com/the-junction/what-im-not-watching-this-weekend-79eefa2850b9

“7 Absurd Jobs We Should’ve ‘Kept,'” fake non-fiction, The Daily Drunk, Mar. 9th, 2021, https://dailydrunkmag.com/2021/03/09/7-absurd-jobs-we-shouldve-kept/

“Excerpts from Normal Werewolf: The ’60 Minutes’ Interview,” parody, Robot Butt, Feb. 26th, 2021, https://www.robotbutt.com/2021/02/26/excerpts-from-normal-werewolf-the-60-minutes-interview/

“Things Said at a Backyard BBQ or Scotland Yard Murder Investigation?” humor piece, Points in Case, Feb. 23rd, 2021, https://www.pointsincase.com/lists/things-said-at-a-backyard-bbq-or-scotland-yard-murder-investigation

“Classic Lyrics Reimagined for the Frigid COVID 2020-21 Winter,” parody, The Haven, Feb. 17th, 2021, https://medium.com/the-haven/classic-lyrics-reimagined-for-the-frigid-covid-2020-21-winter-6c1cad33d68f

“19th Century Asylum or Modern Daycare?” humor piece, Points in Case, Jan. 28th, 2021, https://www.pointsincase.com/lists/19th-century-asylum-or-modern-daycare

“Woozy Origins of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” parody, The Daily Drunk, Jan. 26th, 2021, https://dailydrunkmag.com/2021/01/26/woozy-origins-of-comedians-in-cars-getting-coffee/

“You Don’t Want No Bite of This: Dewey Cox Discovers the Burrito,” parody, The Junction, Jan. 24th, 2021, https://medium.com/the-junction/you-dont-want-no-bite-of-this-dewey-cox-discovers-the-burrito-63b577aafac3

“Typecast, Aloof, Grateful: My Life As a Chubby Ginger Child Actor,” humorous non-fiction, The Haven, Jan. 23rd, 2021, https://medium.com/the-haven/typecast-aloof-grateful-my-life-as-a-chubby-ginger-child-actor-1a2e1e4e499f

“Love Is for Winter: An Ode to Frigid Passions,” humor piece, Robot Butt, Jan. 16th, 2021, https://www.robotbutt.com/2021/01/16/love-is-for-winter-an-ode-to-frigid-passions/

“Alabama James and the Bowling Alley of Myth,” humor fiction, The Daily Drunk, Jan. 13th, 2021, https://dailydrunkmag.com/2021/01/13/alabama-james-and-the-bowling-alley-of-myth/

“The Case of the Midnight Assassin,” short story, The Copperfield Review, Jan. 13th, 2021, https://copperfieldreview.com/?p=4730

“Your Pedantic Amazon Gift Card Balance,” humor fiction, The Daily Drunk, Jan. 6th, 2021, https://dailydrunkmag.com/2021/01/06/your-pedantic-amazon-gift-card-balance/

“Coff-It-Up!: Your #1 Specialty Coffee Specialists,” satire/humor piece, The Haven, Dec. 27th, 2020, https://medium.com/the-haven/coff-it-up-a837fcf5b81c

“Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas Family Visits,” humor piece, The Haven, Dec. 23rd, 2020, https://medium.com/the-haven/dos-and-don-ts-of-christmas-family-visits-lock-the-bathroom-door-15f0d7407fac

“Fred Looks Back on Disastrous Pre-COVID Party,” short story, The Haven, Dec. 21st, 2020, https://medium.com/the-haven/fred-looks-back-on-disastrous-pre-covid-party-33dc202c16e

“That Sacred Spice,” humor piece, The Haven, Dec. 19th, 2020, https://medium.com/the-haven/that-sacred-spice-8de15ceb062a

“The Unusual Origins of Popular Acronyms,” humor piece, The Haven, Dec. 18th, 2020, https://medium.com/the-haven/the-unusual-origins-of-popular-acronyms-aca2e73bfb70

“Mrs. Goldman from The Birdcage at the White House,” parody, The Haven, Dec. 17th, 2020, https://medium.com/the-haven/mrs-goldman-from-the-birdcage-at-the-white-house-ef095a59209c

“Things to Be Aware of When Traveling to Colorado in Winter,” humor piece, Robot Butt, Dec. 17th, 2020, https://www.robotbutt.com/2020/12/17/things-to-be-aware-of-when-traveling-to-colorado-in-winter/

“Master of Arts in Fall Season Studies at Harvest University,” fake non-fiction/satire, The Haven, Dec. 17th, 2020, https://medium.com/the-haven/master-of-arts-in-fall-season-studies-at-harvest-university-c60e7b727a10

“Student Success Testimonial: Things Are Going Great?” fake non-fiction/satire, Little Old Lady Comedy, Dec. 7th, 2020, https://littleoldladycomedy.com/2020/12/07/student-success-testimonial-things-are-going-great/

“The Friday of Youth,” motivational poem, Wingless Dreamer, late Nov., 2020, https://www.amazon.com/Magic-Motivational-Poetry-Quotes-Acharya-ebook/dp/B08PSKM6HR/

“I Am a Celebrity and I Qualify for Many Profitable Ventures,” fake non-fiction/satire, Robot Butt, Nov. 28th, 2020, https://www.robotbutt.com/2020/11/28/i-am-a-celebrity-and-i-qualify-for-many-profitable-ventures/

“Savior and the Thief,” short story, History and Fiction Magazine, https://historyandfiction.com/list-of-issues; also at https://magazineoftheoldwest.neocities.org/page64.html

“Savior and the Thief,” short story, The Copperfield Review, https://copperfieldreview.com/?p=4401

“10 Ways Not to Like a Thing,” fake non-fiction/flash fiction, Defenestration Magazine, http://www.defenestrationmag.net/2018/04/10-ways-not-to-like-a-thing-by-nolan-yard/

“My Boyfriend Was a Hipster and I Had No Idea,” fake non-fiction essay, Points in Case, https://www.pointsincase.com/articles/my-boyfriend-was-a-hipster-and-i-had-no-idea

“The Soiree,” short story, Aphelion Webzine, http://www.aphelion-webzine.com/flash/2016/06/The_Soiree_by_Nolan_Yard.html

 “The Soiree,” short story, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, http://bloodmoonrisingmagazine.com/shortstory673.html

“Swiftly He Rode,” short story, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, https://www.foliateoak.com/nolan-yard.html

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